Through their catchy rock/groove-inspired pop music, the Norwegian quartet The Fluxx tell stories about their ups, downs and roundabouts.

In 1997, at the age of six, Lars Hagensen (drums) and Stephan Slaaen (vocal/guitar) met for the first time and formed a musical relationship that would prove to be productive. While studying music in Norway, they met Iver Paulsberg (bass) and Jan Kristoffersen (keys). Since that day they have been tied by a strong, united passion to make the music they love.

Musically The Fluxx combines a classic rock lineup with modern electronic impulses. By being a part of a generation of omnivorous listeners they have a wide range of musical inspiration.

The Fluxx’ lyrics are not primarily a product of inspiration, but rather an honest documentation of their own lives, thoughts, feelings and experiences. The band are keen to depict life and the whole human beeing by telling stories about everything from pain, humor, fear, love, political opinions, to be drunk on quest for love 2:55 AM on a bar.

IMG_3740_SepiaBesides working with their own music, The Fluxx have worked as session musicians and have been playing alongside some of the leading pop acts in Scandinavia.

October 2nd, 2015, they released the single “Down The Drain” which was featured in TIDAL’s “Best Norwegian Songs of 2015,” MTV’s “Beat Of Norway” while Norway’s leading youth music/celebrity online magazine, referred to them as “our new Norwegian favorites”.

After releasing the critically acclaimed break up anthem, “Down The Drain”, The Fluxx now follows up with an artistically and bold single called “Mother”. The Indie/pop-rock quartet, with a passion for emotional songwriting mixed with “tap-your-feet” rythms offers a various range of emotions and sounds through their second single, and will likely be a hit among indie playlist around the world.


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